Matti Larsson

Board member: Since 2009

Director of Innovation and New Business: Since 2022

Holdings: 2,000,000 A shares and 2,720,000 B shares in the Company (including companies).

Number of warrants: –

Education and experience: Matti has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Umeå University. Matti is the founder of Zordix and has over 20 years of experience of leading positions in the gaming industry with a focus on managing the process from concept stage to publication. With over 20 recognized game titles behind him and a strong international network, Matti has been the driving factor behind Zordix’s success.

Other ongoing assignments: Board member and CEO of Allscope AB and Zordix Entertainment AB. Board member of Dimfrost Studio AB.

Independence in relation to the Company and its senior executives: No

Independence in relation to major shareholders: No


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